NEW TREND: Business Showers


Today on Empowered Woman Entrepreneurs Day we celebrate with the launch of our Business Shower Package

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate certain milestones with a party but ignore some of the others? It is custom to celebrate a bridal shower or baby shower, but we have not shown the same love in celebrating the anticipated small wins and building community when starting a new business.

You might have seen it – the “Business Shower” meme. It proposes “Instead of Baby Showers, let’s host Business Showers. When a friend starts a business, we all come together, congratulate them and bring resources for their business”*

Business showers are ice-breaking celebration parties, which announces one’s entry into being a business owner or  entrepreneur.  So, let us all come together and host a business shower, bring supplies, resources and funds as gifts and help our friend(s) kickstart their business and be a milestone in their mission to be their own boss

What we do know is that showers usually (mostly) involve people, gifts &  shows of support. So how can we make that work for a business shower?

1. Make your guest list: it’s time to invite everyone who wants to shower your business with love and support. Invite your friends, family, network and extended circle & include your most ardent cheerleaders.
2. Send invites: You can do a digital invite or opt for a printed version, but make sure they are beautifully designed as they are the first impression of your event. Remember to ask everyone  to RSVP because (a) it’s polite (b) for catering purposes.
3. Choose the venue: If your business has a physical location and is big enough tha would be the obvious choice. The easier choice is to consider hosting the shower at House Higgs whose capable staff will takes all the pressure off you
4. Create a business registry. Do not forget to create a business registry with a list of shower gifts which fits everyone’s pocket.
5. Rejoice. Enjoy your business shower and create memories.
6. Show Gratitude. When someone contributes, be it your family, friend, peer or an acquaintance, reach out to them with a personal ‘thank you’ note

What to buy as a Business Shower Gift?
• Office Supplies : Stationary, Paper, Pen, Envelopes, Clips, Staplers, Notepads, Business card holder, File organizers,  etc.

• Décor items : Flower vase, Wall Clock, Show pieces, Wall painting etc.

• Electronics : Laptop, PC, iPad, Mobile Phones, Printer, Keyboard, Fax Machine, Scanner, Water Dispensers, Fridge, Wine Coolers etc.

• Cash as a Gift: There is no reason why you can’t gift someone in cash, in fact, it might be more appreciated.  Starting up a business can be super expensive with large overheads.
• Others Gifts : Gift Cards,  Books, General Magazines, Room fresheners, Goodluck Charms etc.

• Offer your professional expertise that could benefit a new business. You could consider gifting a few hours of your time to share your insight or your labor, ie marketing, accounting, business development, etc.

• Don’t forget the entrepreneur!  Massage gift cards, healthy snack foods and an essential oil diffuser with relaxing scents will help the new business owner unwind


• It helps in your brand promotion. When your family, friends and colleagues attend they will invariably click pictures, post them and share on their social media. In a way they are promoting you and your business inadvertently.

• It helps you network with other businesses. As you spend time with other people from the business fraternity you make new friends, understand what they do and this may open up new avenues for future business opportunities

• It helps create memories.  The goal is to have fun, share stories, network, and connect.

• Help arrange for resources and funds. Shower gifts are quite a potent reason!

• It help with a Brainstorming session. You have everyone there so now is the time for a brainstorming session. Ideas to brainstorm about are: hashtags, marketing approaches, new products, you name it. This is the time to listen & take everyone’s advice and put it in one place. Ask a reliable person to be in charge of taking notes. There are bound to be some great ideas and creative solutions. Some might not apply right now, but these suggestions may help you at a later stage

*The original source of this meme remains unknown. If the artist is out there, please be in touch so that we can credit your work

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